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PHP Development

A great resource for articles and links on dealing with Patterns (of the object orientated variety) in PHP.

One of many RFC archives on the web. RFC's contain the definitions of many of the basic standards that make up the Internet, such as IRC (1459 + others), Email (822, 2822 + others), HTTP (2616 + others), etc. An invaluable resource for any web developer.

Open Source MMORPG Links

I was quite surprised how many MMORPG related projects I was able to find when I looked hard enough. Perhaps the difficulty in finding some of these projects is why there's so many new ones that start up.

The Cubik Project
This site is home to a few projects and mailing lists relating to MMORPG design and creation.

Object oritentated C++ libraries designed for aiding MMORPG creation.

Home of the libraries created by the team of and for the Saga of Ryzom MMORPG. These are under highly active development from a number of teams now and the project seems to be growing at a steady pace.

An open source MMORPG project that seems to be steadily moving forwards.

The current direction of this project seems unclear, both from its site and talking to people who have been invovled with the project. There seems to be a stream of dead subprojects in its wake, but perhaps it may produce something solid and good yet.

General MMORPG Links
A review and discussion site relating to MMORPGs - a useful resource for keeping an eye on upcoming MMORPGs. There can occaisionally be some useful posts on its development forums too.

Sigonyth: Desert Eternity
An upcoming science fiction / cyberpunk style MMORPG that I'm keeping my eye on.

An upcoming sci-fi / alternate earth style MMORPG from Mythic.

Neocron (2: Beyond Dome of York)
A scifi MMORPG / FPS style game that I play (see the Neocron sub-site for more information).

Twilight War: After The Fall
An upcoming sci-fi style MMORPG based on the Source engine.

The Saga of Ryzom
An excellent, well thought out MMORPG - quite possibly the best ever.

General Programming

An excellent resource for regular expressions information.

The Game Programming Wiki
An excellent and growing resource for newbies to the game development scene.

Another game programming resource site with mailing lsits and a wiki.

This is a cross-platform programming toolkit for C++ and Python. I believe there are also other ports that have been created. It's extremely easy to use, the community is very helpful and it has excellent documentation, including a wiki.

A game development portal with a wide variety of useful links.

Quite possibly the number one resource for anyone who wants to get into game development or related areas (opengl / directx programming, etc).

Misc. Links

Nostromo Linux Driver
This excellent peice of software allows you configure and run a Belkin (Honey Bee) Nostromo Speedpad N50 / N52 on linux. It doesn't have all the multiple profile management features of the official Windows client, but it's definitely better than the alternative.

Loki Installers for Linux Gamers
This site has installers and updates for lots of popular linux games, including UT, UT2004 and many mods.

Kent Linux User Group
The Kent Linux User Group meets the first Thursday of every month in Maidstone, Kent.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
An excellent document for people who need to seek help online, through chat rooms, mailnig lists or web forums. Everyone should read this document atleast once through.

The Jargon File
An extremely useful (and often amusing) dictionary of jargon detailing meanings and origins. In particular many may be surprised by the origins of foobar (there's also an RFC on this particular term).
Home of Ayo, an excellent graphical designer who produces some wonderful wallpapers for linux (and others).